Hello world!

posted on 2024-02-25

Welcome to my blog, Svenlaa.com, I'm Sven.

Here you can soon find my posts about stuff that interests me. You can expect posts about books, Japanese, anime, programming, plants, my daily life and whatever else is on my mind. I am new to this, and I intend to write around once a week. Please check back or use RSS once it's available. You can find this project project on GitHub for future plans and version history of blogposts.

Technical site details

The stack is inspired by how HTMX is used, but there's no server for HTMX to do its job.

  • @kitajs/html uses JSX for HTML templating without the need for React.
  • Tailwind CSS is like inline classes on steroids, it's very powerful and you don't have to switch files.
  • Alpine.js is a set of attributes that allow you to write JS in your components. It's Tailwind for JS.
  • Marked and parse-md are used for the blog in Markdown.
  • Bootstrap Icons are simple to work with in this diet-js app and are just one class.